Worldwide supplier of mezzanine floor boards

Berghoef started focusing on innovation in 1901. From the very beginning we consistently looked for ways to make sure our products match the demand in the market. The outcome: a production line manufacturing products that meet the highest quality standards. This production line comprises a state of the art 97-meter long machinery line.
As a customer of Berghoef you have a considerable head start. We like to brainstorm with you, we will analyse your project, provide guidance on strength calculations and help to adjust where necessary. Our AutoCAD  service produces an accurate design, leading to an optimized panel list. Any changes can be incorporated and processed until the very last minute. We are committed to follow-up on any subsequent additional request you may have. Short communication lines, reliability, the best quality and expedient delivery. The corner stones of a sustainable relationship.
Berghoef offers a wide variety of possibilities. A broad range of panels, for several specific applications, which meet a series of European safety requirements. Abrasion and wear-resistant, with or without non-slip finishing, even a floor board suitable
for wet cleaning. You can also select connections: tongue and groove, or a groove
with a loose feather in HDF or steel. Berghoef can live up to any requirement, either with ready-made products or tailor-made solutions.
The production process is designed for the highest quality output. The cutting precision is up to half a millimetre. Furthermore all dimensions are optimized to minimize cutting waste. These savings are then of course reflected in our prices. Before a truck leaves our premises, we have hecked everything to ensure that your order is delivered in accordance with the highest quality standards.
We are one of the leading suppliers of mezzanine floor boards in Europe. This gives us leverage with our suppliers and allows us to fine-tune our stock-levels and swiftly adjust to demand. The 2 subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Germany are capable of producing more than 6.000 m² a day. In parts of Europe, we deliver with our own transport services, but we also work with reliable partners in logistics throughout Europe and beyond.

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