AGV Warehouse Flooring: Mezzanine U7 Supreme AGV

How we know, we have the best mezzanine flooring for AGV picking robots?

By continuous testing on real-scale & optimizing. No wear, no rutting & no cracks.

  • Resistant against accelerated wear & tear from AGV picking robots
  • Highest recognised abrasion criteria rating AC6 & Class 43)
  • ESD & anti-static
  • Fire-retardant options

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Why use Mezzanine construction instead of concrete or steel?

• Fast & easy installation, due to dry, light & lean materials.

• Immediately operational, no drying times.

• Efficient use of space, multilevel storage solution.

• Flexibly expandable, in function of growth or activity.

• Durable & circular, with 100% recovered wood.

• Most cost efficient, compared to steel or concrete solutions.

• Comfortable & clear workspace, due to white ceiling side.

• Leveled surface , guaranteed due to tongue-and groove connection.


    More fire-resistant than gratings

    Stronger than you think.

    Increase your evacuation time with fire-retardant mezzanine floor panels.

    • Longer evacuation time (REI30)
    • No flame-spread
    • No heat breakthrough

    More information about the video:

    • Loading: 350 kg/m²
    • Board: Flameshield Supreme Deluxe 38 mm
    • Grating: Galvanized steel
    • Mesh size: 33×33 mm
    • Height: 40 mm
    • Thickness load bearing bars: 2mm

    Our innovative fire resistant panel

    The flameshield product range answers to your fire regulations.

    A whole new product range has been developed to comply with the highest possible fire class for wood based panels.
    We have created the only chipboard which complies to the B-s1,d0 fire classification for ceiling sides.This assures a high fire-retardant effect while minimizing the smoke production.
    The panels can be combined with antistatic and antislip properties.

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