Local wood

We look for our materials as close to home as possible.
This way we ensure a small ecological footprint.

An environmentally friendly supplier

We purchase the majority of our base boards from Unilin.

The wood purchased by them originates from locations within a 400 km radius of their production sites. This local import is made possible thanks to smart partnerships with suppliers, including container parks, demolition companies, the packing industry and even own customers. What these suppliers consider to be waste is used as raw material by Unilin.

To help reduce the load on the internal road network, they transport as much wood as possible by water, reducing their rely upon the roads and, in turn, their footprint. The production site therefore has its own unloading quay.

Sustainable transport

All material that is not purchased from Unilin is looked for as close to our production sites as possible.

This is made possible thankts to our good relationships with nearby suppliers for many years.