Innovative warehouse flooring for AGV picking robots


We want to create more cost-efficient warehouses for the use of AGV robots:

  • Go for maximum use of space
  • Future proof: easily scalable
  • Immediately operational
  • Sustainable and modular


How we know, we have the best mezzanine flooring for AGV picking robots? By continuous testing & optimizing. No wear, no rutting & no cracks.

  • Resistant against wear & tear from picking robots
  • Highest recognized abrasion criteria rating (AC6 & Class 43)
  • ESD and Anti-static
  • Fire-retardant options

Why use Mezzanine construction instead of concrete or steel?

  • Fast & easy installation, due to dry, light & lean materials.
  • Immediately operational, no drying times.
  • Efficient use of space, multilevel storage solution.
  • Flexibly expandable, in function of growth or activity.
  • Durable & circular, with 100% recovered wood.
  • Most cost efficient, compared to steel or concrete solutions.
  • Comfortable & clear workspace, due to white ceiling side.
  • Leveled surface , guaranteed due to tongue-and groove connection.


Would you like even more information?

Watch our full Webinar and get more information regarding:

  • Our company
  • The benefits of a Mezzanine floor
  • The benefits of AGV & AMR robots
  • Why this floor meets all the requirements of mobile robots

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