Flameshield White (Class O)

Flameshield White (Class O)

C-Class, witte plafondzijde
Standaard basisplaat P4 & P6(U7)*
Dikte 38mm
Brandwering boven | onder Cfl-s1 (P4: Dfl-s1) | C-s1,d0
Extra brandwering Class O**
Antislip n.a.
Slijtvastheid n.a.

Product details

Available in P4 & P6(U7)*
Thickness 38 mm
Base Plate 5280 x 2055 mm
5600 x 2055 mm

Product characteristics


Connection tongue/groove 2/4 sides
feather/groove 2/4 sides
Bending strength 15 N/mm²
Modulus of Elasticity 2600 N/mm²
Internal bond 0,35 N/mm²
Formaldehyde emission E1
Fire protection Cfl-s1 (P4: Dfl-s1) | C-s1,d0
Extra fire protection Class O**
Slip resistance n.a.
Wear resistance n.a.

* All values based on U7 Unilin Board. • U7 is P6 Board of Unilin with improved characteristics.
** According to BS:476 Part 6&7


P4 P6
Productblad Flameshield White P4 Flameshield White P6
Prestatieverklaring DOP Flameshield White P4 DOP Flameshield White P6