Wear resistance EN685

Wear resistance according to EN 13329

Class IPQuality
AC 2lP≥ 1500Domestic
AC 3lP≥ 2000Commercial (moderate - heavy)
AC 4lP≥ 4000Industrial (heavy - very heavy)

Chipboard Classification according to EN312

P4Constructive boards for use in dry areas (density ± 640kg/m3)
P5Constructive board for use in dry or humid areas
P6Heavy duty board for use in dry areas (density ±700kg/ m3)
(P8)*Extra heavy duty board for use in dry areas
* unofficial Berghoef name for board with density ± 750kg/m3


Formaldehyde EN13986

According to the EN 13986 all chipboard produced and sold in the European union has to comply to E1, this is the standard for emission of Formaldehyde.

Slip resistance according to DIN 51130

Class Friction coefficient (μ) Platform angle
R9 0,00 - 0,183° - 10°
R10 0,18 - 0,3410° - 19°
R11 0,34 - 0,5119° - 27°
R120,51 - 0,71 27° - 35°

Fire Classification according to EN 13501

EuroStd.SmokeContribution to fireIn practice
Bfls1 or s2very limitedvery difficult
Cfls1 or s2averageflammable
Dfls1 or s2highwell flammable

s1: almost no smoke production | s2: average smoke production | s3: large smoke production
d0: no droplets | d1: droplets burn less than 10 seconds | d2: droplets burn longer than 10 seconds