Circular wood

We’re helping to reduce forest clearance by using panels, produced from recycled and preconsumer wood. The non-recyclable wood is used a source of energy to minimise CO2 emissions.


Our main supplier Unilin fells not one specific tree to produce any of its products. They consiously opt for 100% circular wood!

At least 90%  of their used raw materials are classed as postconsumer or urban wood. This is recycled wood from pallets, packaging, old furniture and reclaimed lumber.

The remaining 10% is thinned wood, coming from sustainable verge and forest management, and preconsumer wood supplied by the timber industry.

How does this work?

Unilin employs sophisticated sorting and high-tech cleaning processes to give a second life to more than one million tonnes of wood every year – wood that would otherwise be incinerated.

The reclaimed wood is run through the ultra-modern pre-cleaning installations at our production site. These machines clean the impurities from the wood, such as sand, glass, metal, plastic, rubber. This is done by a combination of techniques, including magnets, air sifters and centrifuge sifters.

Processing of Berghoef-waste

Cutting and profiling our floor panels always involves a sawing loss. This is necessary to ensure a perfect finish and to meet all your dimensions.

A large part of this residual wood is returned to the Unilin production sites. They will process this material again to high-qualtiy wood solutions.

In this way, we make sure that our own residual wood is not lost.